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Welcome to PopGenIE: The Populus Genome Integrative Explorer

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New Version

Welcome to the updated version of PopGenIE. Be aware, this is still a work in progress and there are currently bugs and gaps - but we will be fixing them over the coming weeks. In particular, there are currently no help pages to guide new users. However, most tools are now useable and up to date to the v2.2 assembly. We are a small team of people, so please be patient.


We intend for PopGenIE to facilitate the exploration of genes and gene function in Populus using a set of integrated tools providing access to as broad a base of community, publicly accessible genomics, genetics, and sequence data as possible. Our aim is to complement the resource available at Phytozome and to offer a resource that is more oriented towards functional genomics and community data provision.
If PopGenIE assists you in developing new knowledge (for example by exploring the potential functional role of a gene) and actively contributes to publications please Cite us as this helps justify continued development. Please also remember to cite the original source of data where relevant, for example the experiments represented in the ePlant and eFP tools.

Data Submission

We would welcome the submission of data to any of the PopGenIE tools. Please contact us and we will discuss how to best integrate your data set. We intend this to be a community resource that will act as a repository for processed, curated data and hope that it will grow and expand through community support. All community support will be fully and visibly acknowledged. Data submission and integration is an area we will work to automate and improve in the coming period.


Feel free to contact us with comments, suggestions or questions or use the Forum. If you are interested in getting involved in the development of the resource you would be most welcome!

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